Are you an incoming or returning Georgetown student interested in auditioning for the GraceNotes? Below are some FAQs about the audition process!


FALL 2020 UPDATE: The Gracenotes and broader Georgetown a cappella community are in discussions about how auditions will work this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for more information. 

1. When are auditions?

Auditions are held at the beginning of the Fall semester. Depending on the number of singers and voice parts we have, we may hold Spring semester auditions. More details surrounding specific dates will be posted a few weeks in advance to the audition.

3. What goes on during the audition?

The general auditions are very relaxed. You'll come in during the individual time slot you selected, and we'll ask you to sing a scale so we can have a better sense of your vocal range. Then, we'll test various skills like vocal blend and then you'll sing your audition song for us! You'll be in and out in no more than 10 minutes.

2. What is the audition process like?

Our auditions run in two parts. At the beginning of the audition start time, all prospective GraceNotes come together and meet with the current GraceNotes to warm up and to learn a song. Then, you will sign up for an individual audition time slot and return for that time you selected to show us your skills. If you make it to the next round, we'll ask you to return for a callback!

4. What should I sing? And how much of a song should I prepare?

Prepare a verse and a chorus of a song that you're comfortable with, and that best fits your vocal style and range. We have a pretty diverse repertoire of songs, so choose your favorite song to sing. We just ask that you refrain from preparing a song from a musical.