Are you an incoming or returning Georgetown student interested in auditioning for the GraceNotes? Below are some FAQs about the audition process!


Spring 2021 Update: (See Below) Auditions will be run a bit differently than usual this semester, and you can find everything you need to know below! We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so if you ever have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact the group or any individual members on our social media accounts or at



1/18 - Google form for auditions opens

2/7 - Google form for auditions closes

2/12 & 2/13 - Callbacks

How this will work:


Auditions will be run asynchronously, using this Google form. In the end, you’ll submit three short videos to us: scales, a blending exercise, and a solo. 


In the Google form, you’ll first be asked to provide some basic information about yourself (name, year, hometown, musical background, etc.). Then, you’ll see a link to a Google drive folder, where you will find:


  1. A voice recording of one of our Musical Directors leading you through scales

  2. Sheet music and piano/voice recordings of a short piece of our arrangement of Winter Wonderland

The first step is to use the scales recording to video yourself warming up and down. The best way to do this is to play our recording out loud on your computer, and then film yourself singing along on your phone or other device. This exercise covers a big vocal range, but don’t feel pressured to sing as high or low as it goes - stop when it feels uncomfortable to you!


Next, you will use the sheet music and piano recordings for Winter Wonderland to learn one voice part. This can be whichever part is most comfortable for you! Once you’ve learned your part, you will video yourself singing this part along with the recording of our voices singing without this part. For example, if you’re an alto, we recommend playing the recording of our voices minus the alto part out loud from your computer. Then, you will video yourself from your phone or another device as you sing the alto part along with our voices. This is for us to get a sense of your blend, so try your best to match our volume/sound as you sing!


Finally, you will video yourself singing a verse and chorus of any pop/rock/RnB song of your choice (no musical theatre, please!). We ask that this video be kept to around a minute or less. 


You will submit all three videos through the Google form, and then you’re done! Once the form closes and we’ve reviewed the videos, we will contact you with information regarding Callbacks, which will have a similar asynchronous format with a very short live component.

1. When are auditions?

Auditions are held at the beginning of the Fall semester. Depending on the number of singers and voice parts we have, we may hold Spring semester auditions. More details surrounding specific dates will be posted a few weeks in advance to the audition.

3. What goes on during the audition?

The general auditions are very relaxed. You'll come in during the individual time slot you selected, and we'll ask you to sing a scale so we can have a better sense of your vocal range. Then, we'll test various skills like vocal blend and then you'll sing your audition song for us! You'll be in and out in no more than 10 minutes.

2. What is the audition process like?

Our auditions run in two parts. At the beginning of the audition start time, all prospective GraceNotes come together and meet with the current GraceNotes to warm up and to learn a song. Then, you will sign up for an individual audition time slot and return for that time you selected to show us your skills. If you make it to the next round, we'll ask you to return for a callback!

4. What should I sing? And how much of a song should I prepare?

Prepare a verse and a chorus of a song that you're comfortable with, and that best fits your vocal style and range. We have a pretty diverse repertoire of songs, so choose your favorite song to sing. We just ask that you refrain from preparing a song from a musical.